Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to VOLKS USA's F.A.Q.!

Please read the following carefully as well as the Shipping & Refund Policies and item's description. By submitting your order, pre-order, or lottery entry, we consider it an agreement to comply with our conditions. We reserve the right to refuse services to anyone at any time. We will try to answer basic questions here, but please always email us at should you need further assistance.

What languages do you speak?

We currently have staff members who are fluent in both English and Japanese.

How can I place an order?

We can only accept orders through our website at this time. We can not accept orders by fax, phone, or regular mail. Please do not send cash or checks to us. We can not process these orders and we can not guarantee their safety. If we do receive cash or checks by mail we will send them back to you as is.

In what manner will you contact me?

When you place an order through our web store, we take it as your consent to be contacted electronically, either in English via email or by the updating of your order status.

Contact from us may contain important information for you such as lottery results, payment problems, tracking information, etc., so please check your email regularly after you place your order.

We will contact you using the email address which was entered when your order was placed, so please make sure to enter your email address correctly. Please be aware that we can not be responsible for your receival of our email, whether for it being sorted into spam/junk mail folders or other errors/situations.

What payment options do you offer?

Currently we only take credit card payments through our website. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

We do accept credit cards which were issued outside of the United States, but some overseas credit cards can not be verified by AVS (Automatic Verification System).

If your card requires additional verification, we will email instructions to you. Once you follow the instructions in the email, we will manually verify your card or request additional information from you if necessary. To avoid security problems, please do not send us any information unless we ask you for it and when we do, please make sure to follow instructions carefully.

Please understand that we are hesitant to process any payments without full verification, not only for our security, but for that of our customers as well. If verification can not be completed for your card, we may cancel your order.

Do you offer layaway/payment plans?

We are sorry to say that we do not offer any kind of layaway or payment plans at VOLKS USA.

All items must be paid for in full at the time of order or for some lottery or pre-order items, on the scheduled payment date.

Do I need to pay sales tax?

Residents of the state of California (CA) or those picking up items at Tenshi-no-Sumika Los Angeles will need to pay CA sales tax. The current tax rate for VOLKS USA is 9%.

Why is there a hold on my card even though my order was cancelled/changed/etc.?

Currently we are using Yahoo's web store system. When you place an order, an authorization will be sent automatically by the system to make sure the funds are available.

Depending on your bank or credit institution this authorization may be held and it may appear as a normal charge. The period of time your funds are held will be different depending on your financial institution.

Usually these holds clear up on their own in a matter of days, but if they do not we suggest that you contact your institution and ask to release the hold. If you require our assistance at this point we will be more than happy to help. Please contact us at

How often do you restock items/When will you restock X item?

Items such as tools, regular wigs, and Standard Super Dollfie and Dollfie Dreams are restocked fairly regularly. However, sometimes waiting times can occur depending on stock and production status in Japan.

Most of our outfits, including those not specifically marked Limited Edition, are produced once and once they are sold out they are not reproduced.

I see an item marked as "discontinued" but it is still available. What does that mean?

When items are discontinued we will continue to carry them and restock as long as we possibly can. We will only pull these items from the site once we are certain that the item is completely sold out.

Once we can no longer receive the item from Japan we will pull it from the site and will no longer restock it.

How do I buy Limited Edition items?

We offer Limited Edition items through a Web Lottery system on our website. Details regarding the items and the Web Lottery are disclosed at the time of lottery on our website and Event Blog, so please watch there for our newest updates.

The Web Lottery's result will be sent via email only to the winners, so please make sure to add to your safe list and check your inbox carefully. We cannot be responsible for the receival of our email, as we mentioned above.

An authorization hold may occur with your lottery entry as with a regular items purchase, as we explained above. The appearance or disappearance of this authorization amount has nothing to do with your lottery result. The charge date for your winning item will be mentioned in your lottery result email and we will NOT charge you until that specific date.

In the case that we encounter difficulties in communicating with you via email, or if you do not follow the instructions set down on the lottery page / Shipping & Refund Policy / FAQ, we reserve right to cancel your purchase right even after you have received a winner's email notice.

Where can I buy previous Limited Edition dolls/items?

We are very sorry but we do not have any information about where to purchase previous Limited Edition dolls or items.

Do you ship to my area?

We ship within the United States of America (including Hawaii and Alaska), Canada, and Mexico. Any other countries can refer to our International Website as outlined in our Shipping & Refund Policy.

Why are your shipping prices so high?

Shipping is calculated automatically by Yahoo's system for all orders. There are a lot of factors which are taken into account when an order is shipped, such as location, cost to ship, weight, handling, etc. that will affect shipping cost. We offer only UPS services and USPS Priority Mail Express (PME) because they include tracking and insurance for all orders, which we require for claims purposes.

Do you offer free, or discounted, shipping?

At this point in time, VOLKS USA does not offer free or discounted shipping regardless of items purchased, or amount of purchase, unless otherwise stated for a particular promotion.

Can you give me a shipping cost estimate?

You can get a shipping estimate through our web system. Simply put all of the items you plan to order in your cart and go through the check out process. Once your shipping information is entered, before the final payment confirmation, you will be given a shipping estimate.

What is the difference between "Shipping" and "Billing" information?

The "Shipping" information is the information of the person whom the order is to be shipped to. Even if the order is a gift, or is to be paid for by another person, the shipping information should have the name of the person whom the order is intended for.

The "Billing" information is the information of the person paying for the order. To avoid delays it should match as completely and accurately as possible with the financial institution's records. Even small differences such as "Street" instead of "St.", "PO Box"instead of "P.O. Box" or the exclusion of Zip Code digits, may cause delays as if the address does not match the one on file with the financial institution we will contact you before shipping your order.

If you are unsure of the address your financial institution has on file we recommend that you check with them regarding it.

Can you ship my items to my work/parent/friend/etc.?

Yes, we can, but please make sure to mark the shipping address "care of."

For example:
Your Name c/o Your Friend 123 Something Ln. Anywhere, US 12345

Can I use a credit card which was issued outside the US?

Yes, but some overseas credit cards can not be verified by AVS (Automatic Verification System).

If that is the case we will contact you by email. Please follow all of the instructions in the email to verify your card manually.

To avoid security problems, please do not send us any information unless we ask you for it and when we do, please make sure to follow instructions carefully.

Can I place an order and have someone else pick it up at Tenshi-no-Sumika in LA?

Yes. When checking out, please choose the "Pick-up at Store" option and leave us a note in the comment box with that person's full name and confirmation that they have your approval to pick up your order. That person will need to have their photo ID when they come to pick up your items.

Did you receive my order?

Soon after you place an order with us you should receive an automatic email confirming your order.

If you did not receive one, make sure that you checked your junk mail box as they sometimes wind up there.

If you can not find it and you want to confirm you order please contact us with your full name and email address which you used during the order process.

What are the differences between ordering from VOLKS USA and VOLKS Japan?


VOLKS USA's prices are in US Dollars and VOLKS Japan's are in Japanese Yen.

Shipping Methods

VOLKS USA will ship out from Los Angeles via UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail Express (PME). VOLKS Japan ships out from Kyoto via EMI. (Your shipping cost from VOLKS USA will be displayed during the ordering process after you place your order and input your shipping information. You are able to check your shipping cost before you submit your order.)

Shipping Schedule

The shipping schedule for VOLKS USA may vary from that of VOLKS Japan. We will inform you of shipping times when we have more information.

Brokerage & Customs Fees

If you live in the USA and order from VOLKS USA you will not need to pay any brokerage fees. For both VOLKS Japan and VOLKS USA there is the possibility that you may be charged customs or brokerage fees if your items are shipped outside of Japan or the USA.

Please check our Shipping & Refund Policy as well for further information.

What is a VOLKS USA Membership and how do I get one?

A VOLKS USA Membership is a membership which gives you access to members only events and items such as Dolls Party, One-Off Models, and Dealer Items.

You automatically are signed up when you purchase anything from VOLKS USA, either through the website or in our showroom. We will send you a Membership Card with your first order if placed through the website. If you purchase in the showroom you will receive your card at the time of purchase.

What terms and conditions apply to the membership card?

Your VOLKS membership is only valid for you, the person whose name the card is registered under. No sharing of memberships is allowed.

If we have a member's only event you will need to use the number on the card to register and we may ask for your card for entry to the event (you will be informed of this upon confirmation of attendance.)

We can reissue your card for a $5 fee, plus the cost of postage. Pease contact us for more details.

This card does not afford you any other privileges unless otherwise specified at any given time.

We do take personal information for the membership, however we will not use your information in any way excepting if we should need to use it for the conducting of our business and then only between us and the pertinent business partner. We will not sell or give out your information to uninvolved third parties, send you spam emails or advertisements, or otherwise abuse your information.

When and how can I visit Tenshi-no-Sumika in Los Angeles?

Our showroom is open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays with the exception of during special events such as the Dolls Party. Please check out About VOLKS USA, Inc. for the store hours and address. If you have any concerns about our open dates and times, please contact us at

Anyone who is interested in VOLKS Dollfies, Dollfie Dream and Super Dollfies can visit us. You do not need to make a reservation.

Tenshi-no-Sumika is not only a showroom, but it is also a special place for Dollfie lovers to spend time with their Dollfies, other owners, and fans. So, please understand that it is our policy that dolls from other companies not be brought with you to Tenshi-no-Sumika LA.

Do you have any authorized retailers?

Yes. Please find information on the About VOLKS USA, Inc. page.

There are differences between purchase methods from us and our retailers such as conditions, item availability, delivery and release schedules, payment methods, additional services, etc. If you have concerns, please contact that retailer directly before ordering.

Are your products suitable for my child/grandchild/niece/nephew/etc.?

All of our products are intended for adult collectors and hobbyists and are not recommended for anyone under 15 years of age. Some items may have very small parts, complicated body structures, fragile parts, etc. Since they are considered hobby items, much attention is given to modification, painting, etc. and care must be taken as such.

We recommend doing some research on our website and Sumika Times Blog about the items you are considering ordering. We are also available to answer any questions at Ultimately, the decision on whether or not these items will be suitable for the intended receiver will be up to the purchaser.

Please note that VOLKS USA does not take returns for any reasons other than defects, damages in shipping, or incorrectly shipped items.